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With very near to forty years of experience, we are able to offer the widest range of band saws on the market. In various sizes and dimensions, they are produced to meet a variety of needs. Our band saws are fitted with the best Italian components ensuring reliability and strength. This aspect is crucial not only for the quality of the machines, but also allows spare parts to be found easily. All our machines have cast iron fly wheels, produced from a single fusion, ensuring better rotation stability and an improved cutting phase. The presence of a lower steel flywheel which has two fundamental bearings for heavy workloads, is also very important. The machines are all equipped with the compulsory safety requirements including an emergency safety block system in tractor driven versions or a motor brake in electric versions.


Bandsaws with vertical woodsplitter

Bandsaws with horizontal woodsplitter

Bandsaws with vertical transversal woodsplitter

Bandsaws with horizontal woodsplitter and belt conveyor.

Bandsaws with horizontal transversal wood splitter and belt conveyor


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