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Choose Your Power:

A wide and complete range of wood splitters, adept to satisfy every request. From 10 to 26 tons with a new intermediate range of 12 and 14 tons. They are all already well known on the market and have become synonymous to power, reliability and durability
New column structure:

A newly designed one-piece column with an “H” structure and guides with increased width. The H column ensures improved tension resistance whilst the thicker guides, produced in a self-lubricating synthetic material, confer greater consistency to the work pressure during the splitting cycle.

Work optimisation:
All wood splitters come standard with a dual-speed regenerative system and automatic return. This allows shorter work cycles with important advantages in terms of production, minimising operational process.

Version “SPECIAL”:
The T 16 RR, T 22 RR and T 26 RR models can be provided, on request, with a new type of distributor that guarantees automatic operation of the regenerative system. (There is no need to position the levers in two different positions). With only one lever, this new distributor ensures speed and power when necessary. Moreover with this system you can adjust the splitting blade to suit splitting requirements without waiting for the cycle to end.

Vertical wood splitter - Small power

Vertical wood splitter - Medium power

Vertical wood splitter - Great power


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